Posted October 23, 2012

Idaho State suspends football coach Mike Kramer


Idaho State has suspended football coach Mike Kramer. (AP)

Idaho State has suspended football coach Mike Kramer for this Saturday’s game at Montana for violating the university’s conduct policy, athletic director Jeff Tingey announced Tuesday.

Pocatello police and the university began investigating Kramer after wide receiver Derek Graves reported his coach shoved him to the ground during an Oct. 3 practice.

A video obtained by ESPN shows Kramer going face to face with a player wearing a helmet, then using two hands to shove the player, who falls to the ground.

Graves’ attorney said his client suffered neck and back spasms as a result of the fall.

Idaho State associate head coach Don Bailey will serve as the acting head coach on Saturday at Montana.

Jim Campbell
Jim Campbell

Neck & back injuries from being shoved by the coach?  If that's all it took, the guy shouldn't be playing football.  Sounds like lawyerspeak for lawsuit.