Posted October 21, 2012

Cam Newton calls for ‘suggestion box’ after frustrating loss to Cowboys

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton said he has no answer for the team’s struggles. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

After the Carolina Panthers suffered another narrow defeat at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys, a frustrated Cam Newton said that “something’s going to have to change” in a postgame press conference.

“The past couple of games have been the same script, by the same director,” Newton said. “It’s kind of getting boring.”

“This taste, this vibe — I’m not buying it, man. And I don’t know what it is, but something’s going to have to change. Something’s going to have to change real fast.”

The Panthers fell to 1-5 with a 19-14 loss to the Cowboys on Sunday, as Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey kicked the go-ahead 28-yard field goal with 3:25 remaining.

It was the Panthers’ fourth loss in a row, three of which came by slim margins. Overall, the Panthers have lost four of their five games by a combined 17 points.

“We just find a way to keep the game close just to see what happens at the end,” Newton said. “I’m getting tired of it, and that’s not a formula to win. Domination is a formula to win.”

The increasingly frustrated Newton said he would implement a “suggestion box” to fix the Panthers’ issues.

“I’m going to bring in a suggestion box. And I want your suggestions in that suggestion box, because I sure don’t know. I really don’t,” Newton said.

Here’s video of Newton’s press conference highlights, via NBC Sports.

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Ron Rivera doesn't touch the ball on every play. YOU DO!!!  Cam, your the QB so, start looking within for the answers to the questions. A suggestion box only invites trouble and confusion. You surely wouldn't want to come one day to read that one of your teammates suggestions is to get rid of you. Know one is going to back you up, if they are not sure you know where your going. 

David G
David G

Cam wants to transfer to another program with a winning tradition.  He wants his dad to arrange a transfer to the Texans and get Schaub to transfer to the Panthers.  That way he is sure he bloom as the flower he is supposed to be.


Coaches worst nightmare: your starting QB proposes a suggestion box.