Posted October 20, 2012

Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller taken to hospital


Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller was taken to the hospital after being injured. (Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller was taken to a local hospital by ambulance after being injured in Saturday’s home game against Purdue, reports

Miller was injured at the end of a 37-yard run in the third quarter and his head appeared to slam down against the turf after being tackled.  Miller was replaced in the lineup by Kenny Guiton, who has thrown only 12 passes the past two seasons, including 10 this season.

Miller was looked at by Ohio State medical personnel for several minutes before being taken back to the locker room via a cart for more evaluation.

Miller entered the game having scored 21 touchdowns this season (11 passing, 10 rushing) and leads the team in rushing with 959 yards.


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