Posted October 18, 2012

Davey Johnson hopes to return to the Nationals

Davey Johnson

Former Nationals manager Davey Johnson recently said he would like to return next season.

Manager Davey Johnson recently told The Washington Post he has a feeling of “unfinished business” and wants to return as manager:

“Is there some unfinished business? Yeah, there’s some unfinished business. But that’ll be up to ownership. That ball is in their court. I don’t have a bad feeling, and I don’t mind waiting until November like last year.”

The Nationals faced a crushing loss last season in a winner-take-all postseason game against the Cardinals, losing a four-run lead.

Johnson currently has a contract with the team to be an adviser next season, a contract that would have to be reworked.

“I’d like to be back. They haven’t asked me my opinion,” he told [The Washington Post]. “But I have a good relationship with Rizzo and we’ve talked about if I come back, we’ve had some discussion on the coaching staff and players. I don’t have a contract. I guess when they get around to it, they’ll get around to it.”

While Johnson said he and general manager Mike Rizzo have discussed a possible return, the ultimate decision rests with the team’s ownership.


This is the same manager who had a pitcher on his team for years who used pine tar in his glove-- then after the guy gets traded to the Rays  and when Nats and Rays played interleague play, Johnson ratted the pitcher out...  NO  CLASS !


so over-rated..this guy has done so little with so many teams with talent...the mets teams should have won multiple WS titles..Baltimore, Cincy, all teams that fell apart come playoff time...