Posted September 28, 2012

Terry Francona’s name rising in Indians’ manager search


Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reported yesterday that major-league sources are saying Terry Francona is a candidate to manage the Cleveland Indians — if he wants the job. Francona’s impact on the job search is rising on Twitter today as more sources speak up.

Rosenthal reported Francona has had contact with the Indians, but the team must put together a deal lucrative enough to lure him away from his job as an ESPN analyst. Rosenthall also wrote the former Red Sox manager’s friends are saying his first choice would be managing the Los Angeles Angels if Mike Scioscia is fired or leaves the position.

Francona may not be the Indians’ first choice. Anthony Witrado of Sporting News reported Francona is on the Indians’ list, but the job remains Sandy Alomar Jr.’s to lose.

The Indians started their search after firing Manny Acta and naming Alomar as acting manager on Thursday.


I hope Tito goes with Cleveland. Their fans should be delighted. I am still furious that "my" ballclub's idiot upper management let him go. He and also-released GM Theo Epstein were the architects of the best run of excellence the Red Sox have ever seen, or probably ever will see. The Sox are now a terrible ballclub, almost unwatchable, and all because management couldn't handle the public pressure of one horrible month of baseball that literally closed out the Sox's 2011 season. For the sake of one month, they sacrificed the best field manager and the best GM the Sox have ever had. I hope Tito takes the Indians to the Series next year -- after all, he did it in his first season in Boston!