Posted September 21, 2012

Brad Friedel, American goalkeeper, calls Fabien Barthez “ignorant”

Brad Friedel

Brad Friedel hit back at criticism from former French national team goalkeeper Fabien Barthez (Gareth Copley, Getty Images)

American goalkeeper Brad Friedel has hit back at criticism from former French national team goalkeeper Fabien Barthez, calling the World Cup and European Cup-winning goalkeeper “ignorant” via Twitter.

Friedel was assumed to be the undisputed starter between the sticks for English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur this season. However, just before the start of the season Spurs signed Hugo Lloris, current captain of the French national team. Despite a vow to “shake things up,” Lloris has made just one appearance this season for Spurs a mid-week outing against Lazio in the UEFA Europa League.

Lloris’ lack of playing time drew strong reaction from Barthez, who told French newspaper Le Parisien (translated into English on ESPN):

“Lloris is one of the five best goalkeepers in the world. He is faster than Friedel, he jumps higher and he is very strong mentally.

What is happening now is incomprehensible, but I’m not concerned. He will become the centre-piece of the club. Hugo is a calm guy, a good worker. Tottenham will not let him stay on the bench for a long time.”

Friedel’s answer was very public, and to-the-point:


Friedel is in fine form, at the moment. He is also 41 years old. Lloris WILL be Spurs 'keeper for some time to come. Tottenham will be playing in four competitions, with as many as 70 matches on the calendar. There is a lot of football to keep two very good 'keepers busy. Really all that need be said about Fabien Barthez is... Fabien Barthez. His utterly ridiculous playing style with Man. Utd. had him shipped out by SAF. Most thinking football watchers will see this for what it is...a disgraced has-been reaching for some controversy and attention.