Posted September 20, 2012

John L. Smith’s bankruptcy filing shows $500 in his checking account


Another day, another John L. Smith headline. Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today obtained a copy of the happy Arkansas coach‘s recent bankruptcy filing, which shows that Smith has $25.7 million in liabilities and just $1.2 million in assets, mostly in retirement accounts.

The documents claim that Smith had only $300 cash on hand and just $500 in his checking account on the date of the filing, Sept. 6. The coach said in July that he lost a lot of money on bad real-estate deals, with one claim against him for $20 million.

Smith’s only real property is a quarter share, worth $2,000, in an eight-acre plot in Idaho owned by his deceased parents.

Among his monthly expenses is nearly $12,000 to Mushtaque Juneja, a Louisville anesthesiologist who also develops commercial real estate.


This is very interesting. I recently filed <a href="">bankruptcy in Edmonton</a> and they took all the money in my bank account in fees alone. I hope this guys gets what he deserves if he is hiding money and filing for bankruptcy.


Sad that a guy pulling the salary history of a John L. Smith would have that much greed for more is troubling and an obvious window into his true lack of character.  Great job Arkansas;  do a real background check next year.