Posted September 19, 2012

Josh Morgan received death threats on Twitter after costly penalty


Redskins wide receiver Josh Morgan revealed that he received death threats and messages with racial slurs on Twitter following his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against the Rams according to CSN Washington.

“A quick look at messages directed at Morgan on the social media website including name calling, racial epithets and at least three death threats, including ond that read, in part, “I will kill you in your sleep you [expletive]…”

Additional negative tweets were reported by The Examiner including these:

Morgan did not respond to any of the messages and is not taking the threats seriously.

“You’re not supposed to respond,” he said. “You’re supposed to respond with your actions. And that’s what I’m going to do.” He added: “The only thing I take seriously is football and my family. Nothing really scares me. I’m from D.C.”

The 15-yard penalty forced the Redskins to attempt a 62-yard field goal that kicker Billy Cundiff missed. The Redskins lost the game 31-28 and Morgan was also fined by the league.


Hes from D.C. guys watch out nobody scares him lol, dude i bet there is absolutely nothing to be scared of anyway because the people writing these horrible things to you are probably 500 pound fat guys who have nothing better to do but try to make other people feel bad online because thats all they can do because if they did it in real life they would get the crap beat out of them.