Posted September 15, 2012

Patrick Ewing ‘insulted’ by Knicks’ offer to coach D-League Erie BayHawks


Patrick Ewing felt ‘insulted’ that he was asked to coach a D-league team. (Brett Deering/Getty Images)

Hall of Fame New York Knicks center Patick Ewing said he felt “insulted” that the Knicks extended to him an offer to coach the team’s D-league affiliate, the Erie BayHawks, according to Ian Begley of

One source close to Ewing said the Hall of Famer felt a bit slighted by the Knicks’ offer to coach the Erie Bayhawks because he has already established himself in the NBA.

“Patrick has paid his dues,” the source said. “He was a little insulted.”

Needless to say, Ewing turned down the offer to coach the BayHawks. He had interviewed for the head coaching position with the Charlotte Bobcats and Portland Trail Blazers this summer, but wasn’t extended an offer from either team. Last season, he was not asked to stay with the Orlando Magic, where he had served as an assistant coach under Stan Van Gundy, after Van Gundy was let go by the team.

Ewing said he wants to coach at the NBA level and considers New York his home:

“I played here. I know the ins and outs of New York, the media, the fans.”

The Knicks have an opening for another assistant coach, but the team reportedly does not have interest in Ewing. He has been overlooked by the team a number of times, despite the circus of personnel changes that have surrounded the Knicks in recent years:

“I consider myself a coach,” Ewing told reporters. “Even though I did play the position and (am) very knowledgeable about the position, I feel that I’m knowledgeable about every position.”


So Patrick Ewing is above having to go coach in my hometown? Well, exxxxcuuuuse me! But I'm madder at the author of the article for insulting my hometown by thinking he's being cute calling it Eerie. Two snobs from the coasts, I suspect. 


Maybe Patrick Ewing should have played for Syracuse instead of  Georgetown.  The Knicks  tend to hire more people who have played for Syracuse.   The Knicks back  then , when he played,  never,   ever   gave him a winning team.   He bust his hump every game,  every year he played for the Knicks...I would think  the Knicks would give him his DO or just come out and tell Patrick , " you weren't a winner then , as a Knick " we want a winner now ", to help these kids.  As an old Knick fan, I  personally think the Bobcats will win a divisional  championship before the Knicks and  that's not asking for a miracle .  So lets give Patrick  " HIS  DO "   a chance to prove himself ,  all over again, before MJ  picks him up .Remember , the Knick let allot of good ones get away,        DON'T  LET  IT  HAPPEN  AGAIN .............