Posted September 03, 2012

NC State cornerback CJ Wilson suspended four games


The NCAA suspended North Carolina State cornerback CJ Wilson for four games, his coach Tom O’Brien said Monday during a news conference, reports

Wilson did not play in Saturday’s loss to Tennessee and will miss this week’s game at Connecticut but can return Sept. 29 when the Wolfpack visits Miami.

According to O’Brien, Wilson did not pass the required hours in the spring semester, as Wilson dealt with family issues. Wilson had to take 12 credit hours in the spring and pass six, per NCAA rules. Wilson has already graduated and he passed 12 hours in the summer with a 3.5 grade point average.

N.C. State gave up 333 yards passing in loss to Tennessee on Saturday without Wilson.


Kind of ridiculous to suspend after he passed 12 hours in the summer.  Got to be more (bud, MJ, ganga?) to the story than just this...

PaulDoig 1 Like

If that is the whole story that is kinda stupid. I bet there is more to this family issues and not passing the required number then than is being reported here. Did he drop all the classes? Did he apply for a hardship do to family issues? I would image the NCAA would have rules for exceptions for family death if hours are made up in the summer. What did he pass in the fall? Did he pass enough for the year? Did that year end before the summer? I smell more to this story, a god reporter would have done some digging here.