Posted September 03, 2012

Dwight Howard thanks Orlando fans


Dwight Howard was traded last month from the Magic to the Lakers. (Kevin Reece/Icon SMI)

New Los Angeles Lakers acquisition Dwight Howard posted an open letter Sunday in the Orlando Sentinel.

In the letter, Howard said ‘to have had the opportunity to play before the Orlando fans for eight years was truly a privilege and an honor’.

Sentinel blogger George Diaz said the letter was ‘a joke for Magic fans’.

Howard, a six-time All-Star center who played eight seasons in Orlando, was traded August 10 from the Magic to the Lakers.


There have been news items stating Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was going to be happy to work with Dwight Howard.  Isn't Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the same guy that claimed Dwight Howard was very limited and predictable during the Magic-Lakers Finals in 2009????????????????  Dwight Howard is loyal???  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!  Everyone knows Dallas will pay Howard much more after this coming season!!!!  Right???  All of these lies and people being 2-faced!!!  It doesn't matter if Kareem is going to work with Howard.  Howard will never average more than 20 PPG or so.  At least not as long as he has to play with ball-hogging Kobe.  Howard's only chance to become a consistent 20-25 PPG guy ... would be to sign with Dallas after this coming season!!!  During this upcoming season, Howard will probably average 16-18 PPG.  He will be too worried about re-aggravating his back injury, so he won't play that hard. 


Yeah?    Newspaper ads are cheap.   I can take out a full page ad and run it for a week; for Dwight Howard, it's not even pocket change, and it's tax deductible.   


He didn't act like he had the Orlando fans in mind when he played there now, did he?    'Nuf said.