Posted September 03, 2012

Bob Bowlsby: Big 12 near $2.6 billion in new TV deals


The Big 12 is expected to sign a combined $2.6 billion TV deal. (Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

New Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby told  and other Big 12 beat writers in Waco that the conference’s new television deals with ESPN and Fox would likely be finalized and signed this week.

“I feel good about where we are right now,” Bowlsby said. “We released the first three weeks of the schedule so we’re sort of operating as if the contract is signed. There are no major pitfalls, we just have some things we need to put together — dotted I’s and crossed T’s. I’m hopeful we’ll get it done in the next few days.”

Bowlsby valued the combined contracts at $2.6 billion paid over 13 years –  pumping a projected $200 million annually into the league through 2025.

Bowlsby also said site selection for the Big 12-SEC Champions Bowl is expected to be finalized by the end of the month. Bowlsby declined to name the five bids the two leagues received — speculated to be Arlington, Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans and San Antonio.

ESPN’s Brett McMurphy reported multiple sources identified Arlington and New Orleans as favorites in “a two-horse race” with Atlanta considered a long shot to host the inaugural Champions Bowl pitting the champions of the Big 12 and the SEC.

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When a Big 12 officals talks about "crossing the T's"  they are speaking of exactly how much more they will be giving Texas than the other teams.  I really don't know why the other schools like Oklahoma and Oklahoma St and Kansas keep taking this abuse.. but they do and Texas thanks them.


 @Cool Cool, the Big XII, including Texas, now share all tier 1 and tier 2 revenue EQUALLY.  They still retain their 3rd tier rights.  This is exactly how the SEC does it.