Posted August 28, 2012

Report: ESPN, MLB agree to $5.6 billion broadcast rights deal


ESPN and Major League Baseball have agreed to a new eight-year, $5.6 billion broadcast rights deal, reports John Ourand in SportsBusiness Daily.

The deal will allow ESPN to carry a Wild Card game and feature popular teams such as the New York Yankees more often, Ourand reports.

The cost is “approximately double” the $306 million per year ESPN pays MLB to broadcast games, Ourand reports.

ESPN’s also increases its digital and international rights in the deal. The network will maintain its schedule of showing games on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday each week.

christopher7329 1 Like

Like with Olympic Broadcast fees that can never be recovered ESPN is paying too much for a sport that is molting. MLB needs to first contract and cut costs with every chance they get or risk having their monopolistic pyramid scheme collapse. Crunch the numbers of the LA Dodgers finances and tell me where their profits will come from? It is no business model to assume that cash-flush idiots like ESPN will over-pay and save the day in the future. MLB is a dead shark.

Simon Sharkey-Gotlieb
Simon Sharkey-Gotlieb 1 Like

Featuring the Yankees more often.  How wonderful.  Those of us outside the tiny New York metro area barely get to see them right now.


 @Simon Sharkey-Gotlieb My take on that is a little different than yours. Why not solve MLB's issues of competitive balance at one fell swoop? If the many can simply allocate as many games to the network pool as many games as they wish, then simply assign the entire Yankee schedule to ESPN. Presto, more than enough money for everybody to play in the big leagues, with the bonus that the Yankees edge will be reduced to their signage, naming rights, and ability to command high ticket fees and seat premiums.


God, I wish the Boss were alive to read that. He would've popped a gasket and died on the spot.