Posted August 27, 2012

Rob Riggle to replace Frank Caliendo on Fox NFL pregame show

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Comedian Rob Riggle will join Fox’s NFL Sunday pregame show. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Comedian Frank Caliendo announced earlier this month that he’d be ending his segments on Fox’s NFL pregame show after nine years. His replacement: comedian and actor Rob Riggle.

FOX producer Chris Pizzi told USA Today‘s Michael Hiestand why Riggle got the nod:

“Nothing against Frank, we love Frank,” says Fox producer Chris Pizzi. “But it’s been nine years. We wanted something fresh. Rob is on the edge of becoming a huge star. We want to help him. And that helps our show too. Now, everybody just knows him as the guy in that movie.”

Riggle, a former marine drill and current lieutenant colonel in the reserves, has made a career of late appearing in supporting, but unforgettable and over-the-top movie roles in Step Brothers, The Hangover and 21 Jump Street, among others.

He recently hosted the ESPYs award show.

A dead-on impression of NFL Hall of Fame coach and broadcaster John Madden gave Caliendo an entry into Fox’s NFL pregame show. He featured impressions of broadcasters and celebrities such as Madden, Terry Bradshaw, Jack Nicholson,  President George W. Bush and notable others during his “Frank’s Picks” prediction segments.


Why do they have that "comedy" segment anyway? It has ALWAYS been lame. Caliendo did one impression...a loud, shouting, fat guy....he would just change the outfit to be Bradshaw or Madden...but he was never funny. Riggle is a good guy, but honestly I would rather they turned that segment into something productive like a detailed injury report each week. 


Caliendo was funny; however, like most acts, he got a bit predictable and somewhat reaching over can only go to the well so many times. Agree that it was about time for the proverbial "new direction" and change in talent. Speaking of talent: Riggle was FUNNY on the ESPYs. What I find even more impressive is that he was able to rise from the ranks of an inanimate object -- i.e., "a (former) marine drill" -- in the U.S. Marine Corps. to a Lt. Col. in the Reserves. Now that's hardwork! Seriously: thank you for your service to our Country, Rob, and best wishes for great success with the FOX NFL Pregame Show.


Rob Wriggle will continue the tradtion of Caliendo by being NOT FUNNY.