Posted August 23, 2012

Penn State Faculty Senate may ask NCAA, Big Ten to reconsider sanctions


NCAA president Mark Emmert levied sanctions on Penn State football. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Penn State’s Faculty Senate may ask the NCAA and the Big Ten to reconsider sanctions levied as a result of the Jerry Sandusky scandal and the Freeh Report.

According to, the Faculty Senate has posted a six-page document on its website outlining questions and discussion including communication with the NCAA and the Big Ten to address alleged lapses within the football program and other Penn State programs and alleged lapses in oversight or institutional control at Penn State.


The Faculty Senate is not appealing the sanctions and even begins by stating its support for Penn State President Erickson. However, the Senate believes the sanctions are punishing the wrong individuals.

” … We believe that neither the NCAA process nor the specific NCAA sanctions concerning loss of football scholarships, official records of games won and lost (vacating of all football wins), and bans for four years on postseason football play fit fairly within the precedents of NCAA sanctions in the past for other football programs and other sports programs.

“These sanctions do injustices to the large number of student athletes who were recruited fairly to the PSU football program, who achieved distinction on the playing fields and in classrooms, and who behaved with honor and responsibility,” the Senate states…

…A section in the document is devoted to addressing the victims of Jerry Sandusky’s child abuse. The Senate, as other leaders at Penn State have, support the victims and state their intent to do whatever necessary to help the victims move forward.


Here are 2 links to the pertinent agenda items that will be taken up by the PSU Faculty Senate:


1. Appendix C: SENATE COUNCIL ; Discussion of the NCAA and Big 10 Sanctions (Forensic).


2. Extended Statement and Forensic Questions: Discussion of the NCAA and Big 10 Sanctions, of the process by which they were negotiated and agreed to, and possible statements by the Senate to the public and to the NCAA in relation to all these issues; QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION AND BACKGROUND INFORMATION.