Posted August 20, 2012

Report: Rosenhaus offered illegal cash, trip to Dez Bryant’s advisor


Dez Bryant’s advisor accused Drew Rosenhaus of illegal offers. (Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Agent Drew Rosenhaus’ desire to sign Dez Bryant before the 2010 NFL Draft allegedly included a cash offer to one of Bryant’s advisors, according to a Yahoo Sports! report.

David Wells has accused Rosenhaus of breaking NFL Players Association agent rules and regulations by offering a cash payment and a trip to Miami for his help in signing Bryant. Rosenhaus eventually got Bryant to sign on the dotted line, but was fired earlier this month.

According to Yahoo Sports! Jason Cole and Rand Getlin:

The offers, through a series of text messages prior to the 2010 NFL draft, are apparent violations of the NFL Players Association’s regulations on agents.

Wells, whom Bryant lived with in high school and parts of college, showed Y! Sports a series of text messages from an apparent Rosenhaus phone number starting in mid-December 2009 and ending in January 2010. In one of the messages, Rosenhaus allegedly offers Wells $10,000 to donate to a charity he works with.

According to Wells, Rosenhaus started contacting him around Thanksgiving 2009 in an attempt to sign the former Oklahoma State Cowboy as a client.

The progression of alleged messages from Rosenhaus – from a number that matches one on file for Rosenhaus – to Wells reads:

• Dec. 16, 2009, Rosenhaus wrote in a text to Wells: “Also will have 10K for you to give to your community center..”

• Dec. 17, 2009, Rosenhaus wrote in another text: “Dnt [sic] mean to put pressure but we want this bad ! Were ready to put u on a private jet and get this done.. Miami’s callllinnnnnggggg!!!”

• Dec. 21, 2009, after Wells said he did not respond to Rosenhaus’ text messages, the agent wrote by text: “Never heard back my man.. We raised the guarantee … You’ll be happy..”

• Jan. 3, 2010, Rosenhaus wrote in a text: “Whatever it takes man … whatever … Just give us a shot.”

During an hour-long interview with Yahoo! Sports, Rosenhaus answered “no comment” to 11 questions regarding his relationship with Bryant and/or Wells. Rosenhaus, who claims to represent more than 140 NFL players, cited the confidential nature of any agent-player relationship.

Wells told Yahoo Sports! he came forward with the information because he is tired of a system that, “takes advantage of athletes, particularly African-American athletes.”


Im guessing a lot of agents operate this way because its good - and perhaps necessary - business. In order to compete with other top agents for signings, perhaps such bribess have become the norm rather than a shocking incident of corruption. Pure speculation on my part but it would not surprise me in the slightest. 


In any case, I'm not entirely sure this makes Drew Rosenhaus the worst person on Earth even if the allegations are true. Really, what does it matter as long as the agent offering the bribe provides competent and fair service to the potential client? Giving $10,000 (that would go to a charity no less) to obtain the right to provide such service just doesn't seem so horrible in some respects.  


I always thought Rosenhaus was a weasel -- this just conforms it for me.


If character is what we do when no one is looking then Drew Rosenhaus defines himself through his body of "work". Being the greasiest  of all agents is quite an accomplishment.


This is America right. Land of the free and home of capitalism. This due Wells is a loser!


The NFL and probably the world, would be a better place if Rosenhaus wasn't in it.