Posted August 09, 2012

Roger Penske’s sons arrested in Massachusetts


Two sons of NASCAR and IndyCar team owner Roger Penske were arrested Thursday for a break-in at the Nantucket Yacht Club in Massachusetts after two women said they were assaulted in the club’s parking lot, reports The Inquirer and Mirror of Nantucket.

Jay Penske, 33, the CEO of the digital media company PMC, who owns the IndyCar racing team Dragon Racing and the web site, along with his brother Mark Penske, 35, were arrested just before 2 a.m. Thursday on South Beach Street.

The incident was reported as an assault and battery when two women approached police saying they had been assaulted by two men, who were later identified as the Penske brothers.

Police say they arrested Jay Penske trying to run away from the club, and found Mark Penske at the employee apartment after he had fallen down the staircase.

“There were three people living in the apartment and only two saw the suspects enter the house and they got startled when they were confronted,” according to the report.

The newspaper reported that one of the women claimed the Penske brothers were urinating in the parking lot, and when she confronted Jay Penske, he “turned and continued to urinate on her boots.”

The Penske brothers were released on personal recognizance with pretrial hearings set for Aug. 20.

Evil Hippie
Evil Hippie

elitist pigs,  kill'em all and make the world a better place. or how to justly redistribute the wealth and take out the trash in one easy step! i hate pampered pricks. it will just be a SMALL fine the end! for the poor - no OR and some time in jail to teach the poor a lesson. no lessons for the connected for being connected means never having to say your sorry. good thing to because they are only sorry they were caught!


The arrogance of the Penske clan never changes

Old Vet
Old Vet

This type of activity is pretty much common among the "younger" folks on Nantucket.  A few drinks and they leave their minds elsewhere.