Posted August 09, 2012

Regretful Bobby Petrino haunted by affair’s effects on family


Bobby Petrino lost his Arkansas job after affair with co-worker. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Bobby Petrino lost $21 million in future earnings when he lost his “dream job” as head football coach at Arkansas, but he’s still haunted by the emotional losses he’s suffered with his wife and family.

Petrino broke down several times in his interview with ESPN’s Joe Schad.

Petrino’s affair with Jessica Dorrell, former Arkansas volleyball player and football recruiting organizer, came to light after the pair was involved in a motorcycle accident April 1 in Arkansas.

Petrino told Schad that he immediately realized the crash would also bring his life crashing down.

Petrino discussed the emotions he went through facing up to his wife, his children and his parents, and accepts responsibility for his downfall. He and his wife are in counseling working to save their marriage.

clemente21 1 Like

Cry me a river.  He would still be doing his dirty deeds done dirt cheap if he was halfway decent riding a Hog and you can take that to the bank.

alborrelli 1 Like

The difference being between him and the billions others who go through this issue is what exactly? Oh wait, he's rich and a public figure so we should somehow care or feel sorry for him?  Pfft. He deserves all he gets, unlike most of us, he had the chance to really do something with talents/money/position and, like so many, threw it away.